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Some of the most impressionable characters in books have been put forward by great writers such as Susan Townsend. Growing up and reading books such as the secret diary of a chap called Adrian Mole helped people relate the experiences of their teenage years to their mid-thirties, it was exhilarating. These sort of books help empathise at every turn of the page and you could never put the book down until you had finished a couple of chapters. This site hopes to commune with those who have a deep rooted love for books and reading, people who love the reading culture, and sometimes find that it is just not enough to join a book club. The site will try and bring the world of imagination and information through books and try to include all kinds of books. Reviews and ratings will form an integral part of this endeavour. If you might be looking for the same, then visit this site every week so that you can explore the world of literature.

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