Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run Book Review

Bruce Springsteen is a celebrated vocalist, and you would expect him to be confident of his singing abilities. But the Born to Run book review says something else. In this book, Bruce says that he was toxic in front of the microphone, and even now considers himself only a competent musician and vocalist. That is a modest self-proclamation with the number of fans he has. He further writes that his voice does not have the tonal beauty but he gets by because of his range. He has been the ruler of the stage for close to 30 years and writes very meaningful lyrics which have made a difference to his career. He says that he communicates with the audience rather than just playing music and singing. That is something very astute. The Born to Run book review in The Guardian, also reveals his tumultuous relationship with his father. But instead of being negatively affected, he was influenced by many father figures throughout his career. That is the greatness of the artist and the writer Bruce Springsteen. His autobiography ‘Born to Run’ is a must read music tell-all for people who want to learn from his experience.

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