Elena Ferrante Author of the Recently Published, A Writer’s Journey

A great mind, a great woman. More and more people are reading novels written by Elena Ferrante author. But who is Elena Ferrante? Elena Ferrante is a great Italian novelist, who wrote thousands of novels that have been translated into English, German, Dutch and Spanish. The first appearance in English of a novel of her was a novel about a story entitled “Delia’s Elevator”. Elena Ferrante author and her novels are well known by people all over the world. She is the author of a great quote about books: “Books, once they are written, have no need of their authors.” Furthermore, ‘Frantumaglia: A Writer’s Journey’ is one of her last novels, which also gained a great reputation on the international market of books. Strange as it may seem, even if she’s now over seventy years old, she would like to continue her work by writing a new novel. If you have the chance to read one of her books, it is definitely worth your time.

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