Hurrah for Gin: A book for perfectly imperfect parents by Katie Kirby

Katie Kirby has broken the silence of the human parents who cannot be perfect. After all, perfection is a myth and nothing else. The book by Katie Kirby explores the life of an imperfect parent and gives you really nice remedies like using pistachio nuts for getting rid of a hangover and also the gin as a tonic for the brain and the body. The imperfect mum lands book deal was a popular story in the Times, and the book is even better than what the advertisement says. The book, in fact, is a version of the blog posts containing simple cartoons and really honest remarks that Katie has been writing about her life as the imperfect mum. In one post she tells about the difficulties faced while raising her two sons aged three and six years. You can read the posts now and read the book later next month when it is scheduled to be launched. Katie got paid a five-figure advance for her creative and honest work.

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