Martina Cole’s Latest Book Betrayal is Set to be Another Page Turner!

A Martina Cole novel will always top my holiday reading list, although the latest is not out until October, a bit late for the summer holidays! Mind you a Martina Cole novel would make a great read for the Christmas holidays, and it would also make a good Christmas present! These gritty crime novels from the Essex-born author, grab your attention and just do not let go. Now her novels are not exactly light reading; murder, violent men and the women with whom they share their lives, make for compelling reading. Martina Cole’s latest book, The Betrayal, the twenty-third book from the prolific author, is another hard hitting, family drama, and promises all the suspense and excitement you would expect from a Martina Cole novel. As Martina Cole’s latest book, we also have to hope this will not be her last. The author, who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, says as she writes in longhand this is getting harder and harder as the calcifications in her arm limit her movement. But she promises there will always be stories, even if she has to dictate them to someone else.

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